Quit Mining. Forget Staking. Just Transact.

Transactions Consume 99% Less Energy - Confirmations 5x Faster

The Flifer Paradigm

By leveraging the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Flifer affords users the lowest fee structure amongst all in-class cryptocurrencies.

Flifer was designed for the BSC to ensure our users base benefits from fast, affordable transactions.

  • BITCOIN: $3

    High Gas Fees and Energy Requirements

  • ETHEREUM: $25

    Congested Network, Mining Intensive

  • FLIFER: 10 Cents

    Streamlined on Binance SmartChain

  • "...Customer`s solidity smart contract is well-secured."

    Critical issues found: NONE

    High severity issues found NONE

    Low severity issues found: NONE

    See Audit Report 
  • 1% Burn Rate

    1% of all transactions are "burned", reducing circulating supply over time and bolstering long-term value

  • 1% Passive Rewards

    1% of all transactions distributed as reward tokens. Uncapped passive grows, automatically

  • 1% Liquidity Provisions

    1% of transactions sent to the liquidity pool, providing price stability and continuous supply

"Extraordinary Entrepreneurship Award"

Texas Business Hall of Fame Foundation awarded Ishaan Thakur, founder of FLIFER, in recognition of his innovation in the cryptocurrency business.

  • [Early Milestones Achieved]

    FLIFERCOIN Deployed
    Trading on Pancake Swap
    Up to 1,000 holders
    Up to $25 million market cap

  • [Currently Underway]

    Additional tokens

    Trading on exchange
    iOS and Android wallet app
    Up to 50,000 holders
    Up to $100 million market cap

  • [Path Foward]

    Full DeFi ecosystem with DApps
    Trading on multiple exchanges
    100,000+ holders
    $250+ million market cap

A Fast, Energy Conscious Crypto

No Mining | No Staking | Just Fast, Transparent Secure Transactions

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