FLIFER Coin Enters Growth Phase - Here's the Roadmap

FLIFER Coin Enters Growth Phase - Here's the Roadmap

The Flifer team, minters of the Flifer token/coin (FFF), has introduced an alternative form of cryptocurrency designed to maximize user satisfaction through low-cost, transparent P2P transactions. Digital exchanges offer an exceptional range of cryptoassets; however, such rapid proliferation has made digital marketplaces increasingly difficult to navigate. Many assets lack transparency into the tokenomic structure and processes underlying the payment process. It’s common for users to pay transaction fees without fully understanding why they exist or why they are needed.

Flifer differentiates itself by transforming fees into an instrument token holders benefit from. FFF payments are subject to a fixed 3% fee, a cumulative sum of three different 1% components. The fee structure is equal parts automatic rewards for FFF holders, token burn and liquidity provisions. By invoking a minimal payment fee Flifer aims to satisfy users interested in both near and long-term value.

Flifer is an energy conscious cryptoasset leveraging the Binance Smart Chain and smart contracts which operates independent of crypto mining; payments require 1/1000th less energy than ETH/BTC and transact at a rate 5x faster. Flifer expeditiously met an early milestone during the launch phase by initiating a trading facility on Pancake Swap. The crypto coin boasts a ~$45 million market capitalization after launching in November 2021.


Flifer founders received the "Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award '' from the Texas Business Hall of Fame for their remarkable entrepreneurship in the cryptocurrency sector. Their current initiative, Flifer, introduces a novel alternative form of cryptocurrency intended for P2P transactions and as a store of value. Currently in its growth phase, the Flifer team are working to broaden their user base, increase awareness, and ultimately become listed across major digital exchanges. Digital marketing and social media outreach campaigns began mid-January. Televised press coverage is projected to air in the first quarter of 2022. The team’s robust marketing strategy aims to make Flifer a household name.

The project team will soon launch their iOS and Android wallet apps to reach customers using smart phones as their crypto platform. Based on Flifer’s rapid rate of development and current operating state after a mere two months after launch, the Team has set near-term targets to onboard 50,000 holders and reach a $100 million USD market cap.

What is Flifer (FFF)?

Flifer facilitates simple, fast, and secure P2P payments. The commodity features a hard cap on the number of coins in circulation, meaning the total number will never exceed the initial 2.5 billion initially minted. The deflationary currency automatically burns 1% of all FFF payments. Over time this process organically increases the inherent value FFF.

FFF is intended to serve as a method of payment or a store of value. It is not a type of investment, as Flifer is not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission or any regulatory bodies. Its applications involve a peer-to-peer (P2P) service for making payments through the Flifer platform or ever-expanding ecosystem.

Flifer Features

Flifer was deliberately designed for the BSC to ensure the users base benefits from fast, affordable transactions. Notable features implemented through smart contracts include:

Simple & Energy Conscious

Flifer is simple, fair, and transparent. The public roll-out did not include pre-sales or sweetheart deals. Moreover, by abstaining from mining every transaction consumes less than 1% of the energy required for Proof-of-Work based cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH.
Passive Rewards
Every FFF holder, or wallet owner with a FFF balance, automatically collects reward coins/tokens whenever a transaction occurs. A 1% fee applied to all payments is proportionally disseminated back to holder based on quantity of FFF owned and total number remaining in circulation.
1% of each transaction is automatically “burned”, meaning the total number of FFF decreases over time. Reducing circulating supply is the main driver in creating/maintaining long-term value.
Low transaction fees
The developers understand high transaction fees can discourage token holders and their use as currency and lose value. To prevent this, it charges flat 3% transaction fee, compared to similar assets which charge 10 to 15%. For instance, a user sending $10 in BTC loses $3 to processing fees; however, on the FLIFER network the same payments is only deducted by $0.30!
The three smart contract layers collect a 3% fee of total transacted amounts. The fee structure defined in the smart contract architecture is as follows: • 1% as Rewards- Proportionally re-distributed automatically to holders. • 1% Token/Coin Burn- Automatically sends 1% a burn wallet. • 1% to a Liquidity Pool: Sends a 1% fee to Flifer’s liquidity pool at PancakeSwapv2.
Expanding DeFi Ecosystem
The BSC-based coin complies with the BR-20 protocol and uses solidity-based smart contracts. The company is developing a full DeFi ecosystem with connected DApps. Users will be able to trade on multiple exchanges outside existing wallet applications. The 2022 EOY target benchmark is to host 100,000+ holders and surpass $100+ in million market capitalization. With an aggressive marketing strategy and quickly broadening user base, Flifer has the trajectory to be the preferred cryptocurrency in the P2P space.
How to get FLIFERCOIN?
  • Users can purchase a Binance wallet, pre-loaded with FFF coins: at https://flifer.com.  The wallets come in $5, $20, $100 and $200 denominations.  The website accepts payment in crypto, or direct bank transfers
  • Users who already have a Binance wallet can exchange BNB into FFF at the swap site: https://swap.flifer.com