Do you already have a wallet compatible with Binance Smart Chain?  

You will need a BEP-20 compatible wallet to hold your crypto coins.  



Yes, I already have a BNB wallet

No, I don't have a BNB wallet

You can head over to our exchange site where you can connect your wallet and exchange exchange your BNBs into FFFs

If you do not have BNB, or cannot connect wallet using MetaMask, TrustWallet or WalletConnect, then this option won't work for you

The site connects with Pancake-Swap 

Head over to our store, where you can buy a wallet pre-loaded with FFFs.  We offer three choices:

STARTER PACKAGE: A digital wallet, pre-loaded with 10 FLIFER coins

DELUXE PACKAGE: A digital wallet pre-loaded with 1,000 FLIFER coins

PREMIUM PACKAGE: A digital wallet pre-loaded with 50,000 FLIFER coins




  1. Upon receipt of your digital codes, you will need to download a wallet app or purchase a hardware wallet.  We recommend the free app, MetaMask.  For more security, you should consider purchasing a hardware wallet
  2. FLIFER COIN is not designed to be used as an investment.  You should not buy, sell or trade FLIFERs with the expectation to profit from speculation or expecting its value to rise.   FFF is intended to be used as a form of payment or store of value, and not for speculation or investment.  CRYPTOCURRENCIES ARE VOLATILE, RISKY AND MAY LOSE VALUE.  FLIFER DOES NOT WARRANT THAT FLIFER COINS MAY BE USEFUL OR WILL HAVE ANY UTILITY OR VALUE.  FLIFER COINS MAY NOT HAVE ANY INHERENT OR INTRINSIC VALUE. THERE MAY OR MAY NOT BE ANY MARKET TO BUY, SELL OR TRADE FLIFERCOINS IN THE FUTURE.